HPE DL560 Gen9 Will Soon Be on VMware HCG

HPE DL560 Gen9 servers will soon be on the VMware HCG. Like many of you we plan ESXi upgrades to new versions months into the future. As we approach our planned upgrades we hope that our HPE hardware will be on VMware’s HCG (Hardware Compatibility Guide) as approved for the latest ESXi 6.7 version. I can’t remember the last time that our hardware wasn’t on the HCG as approved.

My understanding is that most people that are using HPE server hardware are using the DL360 models. Typically those models get qualified faster. For philosophical reasons we like to use the DL560 models. We currently have quite a few of the DL560 gen9 models that we want to use. So far HPE has not bothered to have the DL560 gen9 model qualified as compatible with ESXi 6.7 but they did qualify the gen10 model. Our HPE guy has hinted that the DL560 is just not purchased nearly as much as the DL360s and that contributes to the slowness of getting the hardware on the HCG.

Well I have good new for those in the same boat as us. HPE has notified us that the qualification is being performed and will be completed around April 2nd. This may or may not come true but I thought I’d share the information.

I am very interested to hear what you are doing in your datacenter with HPE and VMware. Are HPE DL360s more your flavor or do you like the HPE DL560s like we do? Comments are always welcome! I look forward to hearing from all of you especially if you have HPE DL560 gen9 servers in your environment.

Datacenter with full racks of servers with flashing lights. HPE DL560 gen9 servers are among the other servers