Go Away Irma

This week has been non-stop worrying about Hurricane Irma.  All I can say is ‘Go Away Irma’.  You’re cramping my style! Apparently it was not necessary to plan for disaster recovery until a week before the strongest hurricane in recorded Atlantic ocean history is going to hit.  All that other planning can just be thrown away.  Let the fire chiefs take over and ring the alarms.  I could use more drama in my life. (Extreme SARCASM).  At this point I still don’t know if I will be working this weekend or not.  


I would love to hear from you if you’re having some interesting challenges in regards to disaster recovery.  On a positive note, I am so glad we have VEEAM.  I can’t imagine facing a hurricane and having to use our old backup software. for needed restores.  VEEAM’s byline was ‘It Just Works’ and there has never been more truth in advertizing. 

There will be lots of prayers over the next week and I will be among those praying for safety and for rescue for all people affected by hurricanes this season.  Here’s hoping that we can get back to the normal workplace dysfunction I am used to on a daily basis.

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