Nutanix vs VMware – Who is bullying whom?

Nutanix vs VMware – Who is bullying whom? Can’t we just all get along? Apparently not! VMware and Nutanix are at it again. Nutanix claims that VMware is bullying them by responding to Nutanix’s ‘You Decide’ marketing. When you mess with the bull you get the horns. Head on over to The Register to check out their always unique reporting. I have not used Nutanix in my environment so I can’t give a knowledgeable or unbiased response.

Nutanix vs VMware

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VMware Recertification Is Up To You

The pain is over for all that hated the every 2 years recertification policy for VMware certs.  You get to decide when you want to upgrade.  What a novel concept! We’ll see how this plays out as to whether this is a good idea or not.  In the meantime check out the comments in the VMware subreddit. As always, Reddit delivers with comments like ‘This looks like a hostage video’.

Here is the ‘hostage’ video:

via VMware Certification: Recertification Is Changing and What It Means to You – VMware Education Services